A Unique Technology Platform to
Simplify Pharma Supply
Chain With The Help Of ML

Unique Technology Platform
Unique Technology Platform

What Is Unipharm?

Unipharm envisions a healthy procurement process in the pharma supply chain ecosystem. Our technology platform brings together retailers and distributors to place, manage and track order with a host of benefits that are impossible in the traditional supply chain system.

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Are you a retailer?

For Chemists across country below are the 4 major things which will be on top list - where they spend 40% of their daily time,we can give them these free 40% time via UNI-PHARM app. Place your orders in Unipharm app and relax…..

Pharma Supply Chain Solutions For Retailer
medical inventory software

Say goodbye to diary management & calling Free from hurdles of calls and follow up

pharmacy supply chain management

Convenient order placement and tracking

pharma supply chain platform

Troubled by low sales margin? Book more profits with our Cash Discount

pharma supply chain management

Lower rates for products

pharma supply chain software

All product from one app need not to call or talk 50 different people

pharma supply chain solutions

Are you worried for the delivery time? Get same day assured timely delivery with Unipharm

Are you a distributor?

Come to your admin dashboard and fulfill hundreds of orders daily without receiving any calls or sending your salesman in market to book orders.your business and reach will increase upto 5 times with Unipharm app and big thing is we will manage your delivery load for you with our delivery associates so your cost of delivery will cut down significantly.

Pharma Supply Chain Solutions For Distributor
pharma supply chain management applications

Reduced delivery cost

pharmaceutical supply chain software

Receive order Unipharm delivery associate picks up from you

pharmaceutical supply chain management software

Phenomenal increase in retailers network

medicine supply chain inventory

More chemists,more orders, more profit

healthcare supply chain management

No issue of payment collections

pharmaceutical inventory management software

Inventory management

Why Unipharm?


Seamless Order Experience

Retailers just need to enter their desired medicines and our system will give all the available options to select from. Retailers have the freedom to select based on delivery time, and available stock. Our machine based learning provides you accurate options to select from to get the best deals


User-friendly interface

Anyone could quickly get used to the app interface as the basic functions are easily accessible to search medicines, place order, or track your orders and inventory.


Accurate order tracking

No need to call your delivery guy as you are easily able to track your order with our highly accurate tracking API installed within the Unipharm app.


Free delivery

We bear the delivery cost for you. No middleman, no logistics company. Our delivery associate will pick up the products and deliver at the retailers’ doorstep.


No more waiting

- Assured Timely Delivery: Any order placed before 1pm will be delivered the same day*. We have studied the behaviour of the pharma supply chain and have designed this unique system with keen observation.


Zero paper work

Who doesn’t want to get rid of boring diary management? With Unipharm you are free from all manual hassles and dedicate more time in engaging with your customers.

Download Unipharm app NOW!!
unipharm app in play store
unipharm app in app store